Applied Analytics

What do we mean by Applied Analytics? This is the section where we take a really close look at various industries. How can data help financial services, life sciences, energy, retail? Looking beyond classic BI, which has come to mean reporting only, and including machine learning, artificial intelligence, alert-driven platforms, bringing in the power of cloud computing and solutions delivered over the web.

If you put all that together, you end up where you are now: in the applied analytics department. Welcome.

TIBCO Spotfire Data Streams / StreamBase

I’ve been taking a first look at StreamBase, or TIBCO Spotfire Data Streams. The first thing to note is that a free download is available direct from TIBCO, which is a fully functional Eclipse-based development environment. The second thing to note is that, perhaps surprisingly, you do not need Spotfire to use it.

TIBCO Mercedes F1

Today’s article is not friendly. Fully half of the main TIBCO homepage is devoted to the six World Championships won by Mercedes F1. What’s the connection? If you have noticed the TIBCO logo on Lewis Hamilton’s helmet, in prominent position, you might have thought TIBCO were specialists in lubricants. But no, they’re a software company. The one thing an F1 team does not need to win is great bar charts.

Agile Means Agile

One thing you should really hold your vendor’s feet to the fire over is agility, or flexibility. We’re not talking about Agile software development with a capital ‘A’ but flexibility. In any flexible consulting services model, you want your vendor to shine. The brighter the vendor shines, the more value you get out of them.

No Free Lunch

If you’re in the market for a new data visualisation or analytics platform, you’re in for a treat. Every one of them is the best in the market, they’re all totally without flaws and they basically do all the hard work for you. Does this sound credible?

Mobile-First Analytics

Your analytics needs to be mobile-first. Whatever industry you work in, you need to be building the reports and dashboards for tomorrow. And tomorrow is mobile. Using a variety of screen sizes. Your analytics solution must be device-agnostic. Just as your phone has different characteristics from your tablet and laptop, your analytics can be usedContinue reading “Mobile-First Analytics”

No. 1 Analytics Problem

Today, big news. I’m going to tell you the Number One (#1), Numero Un thing that always gets people in reporting and analytics. Data. Sorry. You probably already knew. But think about it: rubbish in, rubbish out. That’s the polite version. You cannot report on data you cannot access. You cannot report on data you cannot trust.Continue reading “No. 1 Analytics Problem”